Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuity



Keim Financial Services provides useful  solutions including both Fixed Annuities and Fixed Indexed Annuities. These products offer you many advantages such as:

  •    Safety of principal and earned interest
  •    Safety of principal if held to term
  •    Minimum interst rate an guaranteed (Guarantees are only as good as the claims paying ability of the insurer.)
  •     May include a robust Long-Term Care insurance rider that is Medicaid compliant that provides ability to swap annuity dollars for Long-Term Care dollars 
  •    Tax-deferred growth under current federal law (superior to paying taxes annually on your bank CD) 
  •    Many States offer a "free look" provision that enables you to return the contract within a set number of days to get back all your money
  •    Penalty-free options such as 10% free withdrawal annually strategy 
  •    Fixed Indexed Annuities offer you a choice of interest crediting strategies based on changes in a market index or guaranteed-income option

An annuity is a contract with an insurance company.  Annuities are often bought for future retirement income.  Only an annuity can be guaranteed to last as long as you live. Before you decide to buy an annuity, you should review the contract.  Terms and conditions of each annuity contract will vary.   Annuities are complex and contain risks if all perinent questions are not answered prior to signing the contract:  

  1. Is this a single or multiple premium contract?    
  2. Is this an equity-indexed annuity?  How does the index work, caps, fees and so forth?
  3. What is the interest rate and how long is it guaranteed?  Is there initial bonus rate?  What is the guaranteed minimum interest rate?  How is the renewal rate processed?
  4. Are there withdrawal or surrender charges or penalties if the client wants to end their contract early?  What are the charges and penalities and how are they enforced?  Is there a way I can get a partial withdrawal without paying surrender or other fees/charges?
  5. Does my annuity waive withdrawal charges for reasons such confinement in a nursing home, terminal illness or death?
  6. Is there a market valie adjustment (MAV) provision in my annuity?
  7. What other charges/fees, if any, may be deducted from my premium or contract value?
  8. If the client selects a shorter or longer payout period or surrender the annuity, will the accumulated value or the way interest is credited change?
  9. Is there a death benefit?  How is it set?  Can it change?
  10. What income payment options can the client choose?  Once a payment option is selected, can it be changed? 
  11. Ask yourself if, depending on your needs or age, this annuity is right for you?
  12. Taking money out of an annuity may mean you must pay taxes.
  13. If your are transferring funds from an older annuity, what benefits are you forfeiting? What is the comparison of fees/charges?  Which annuity best meets your financial goals?
  14. Does the annuity meet your long-term fianancial goals?
  15. Lastly, the quality of service that you can expect from the annuity company and your financial agent is a very important factor in your decision.