At Keim Financial Services we believe that individual, families and business owners need to careful review: 

  1. What insurance (i.e., type, premium, death benefit & length of coverage)  is currently owned?
  2. Conduct a through insurance review that includes a needs analysis and enforce illustration reviews for existing policies.
  3. Insurance Gap Analysis will show if current insurance policies are  sufficient in meeting the needs of the client (today and into the future). 


Why Insurance?

  • Pays off debt at death           
  • Income continuation source for families
  • Estate Planning via tax-free transition of assets to family members (under current laws - also work with an estate attorney)
  • Can be used as colleral for personal loans if there is sufficient cash value and the policy permits such loans
  • Can be pledged as collateral for bank loans
  • Business continuation and succession planning when properly constructed may provide ability for the business to continue 
  • Key person replacement ability may provide funding to locate an individual with special skills and/or experiences to fill in for a business to maintain the firm's core services

The correct use of insurance will often be a cornerstone of one's financial plan by provide the benefits mentioned above.